Do you want to make more consistent sales in your Print-on-Demand (POD) business?

You’re few steps away from my personal resources…

Hey POD Sellers,

Are you working on a Low Hanging System POD Business, but having trouble launching new products regularly?

I had this problem.

When I got started, I created many designs and uploaded new products by myself.

It was pick a niche, create designs, upload, REPEAT.

A simple process, right?

But because the process was so simple, I got bored really fast.

I started looking for someone to do this job for me.

Seriously, anybody can do this kind of job.

The LHS process is very simple, and you don’t need to create a beautiful design to get a sale.

There are three key important things you need to be successful in the LHS business. They are:

#1 – Multiple Ugly Designs

Don’t get me wrong. The beautiful designs can be definitely sold, but that’s not what I do.

It takes time to create an awesome design.

Hiring is expensive, too. If you hire a designer to do this, it could be at least $5 per design.

My designs are 100% simple text designs, and most of them are very ugly.

If you check the top-selling mug in the Amazon – let’s say you search using the keywords “engineer mug” – you will get results like this.

Or search “Mother’s Day mug”:

Or “nurse mug”:

They’re all simple designs, right?

Many of them have sold over 1,000 units.

Just simple black text designs!

The upshot is that you don’t need to spend much time creating awesome and complex designs.

It takes much less time and cost to create simple designs like this.

In the LHS world, the ugly designs win!

#2 – Consistency is Key

The next important thing is “consistency”.

Consistency is actually the most important part of being successful at anything.

In the LHS model, we need to list new products regularly to get consistent sales.

You may start with 5 products a day, 10 products a day, or 50 products a day.

I have two people on my team. One uploads products, and the other is the graphic designer.

They list 150 products a day, regularly.

I have done nothing except select the niche market.

Currently I have over 60,000 products in my Amazon account.

Quantity is also important in the LHS business. The more products you have, the greater potential for sales.

I list many products in many niches – e.g., various professions, hobbies, dog breeds, or cat breeds.

Then, I check which niches can be sold. And then I scale by listing more products in these winning niches.

It’s like the “spaghetti method”, where you throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks.

The more winning niches you have, the more sales you get.

Listing new products regularly will help you find new winning niches.

Consistency is the key.

#3 – Building a team

The next key element to be successful in this business is your team.

This is very important.

As I told you, in my business, I do nothing except select the niches.

I have a team that designs and uploads products for me. They handle about 95% of the work.

This is what you should do as well.

Again, the LHS process is quite boring. It is very simple, and you can hire anyone to do it.

There should be at least two people in your team:

  • A product uploader, and
  • A graphic designer.

The first person is easy to find because you just need to have an A-to-Z workflow process for him or her to follow.

Every task is the same. Create products in GearBubble. Upload them to Amazon. Edit the product’s keywords. That’s all. They don’t need to think about anything. Just follow the instructions.

Anybody can do this.

As for the graphic designer, you might need to spend money a few times to find the right one.

As you know, we need only simple, text-based designs. The cost should not be very high, less than a buck.

Not every graphic designer will do this job for such a low price.

They prefer other kinds of work that make them more money. Like creating a t-shirt design for $15 or $20.

That’s not we want.

So, when you negotiate with the graphic designer, you need to explain to them what kind of work you want. Tell them that simple text designs require just a few minutes to finish.

But even if they know they can create ugly designs in a few minutes, most of them still don’t like this kind of work.


If you need just 5 designs a day, they can make just $5 a day max. That’s not enough to live on. If they want more, they need to find other employers to work with.

Working with many people is not fun, so they prefer to work with just few people and make a decent living.

So, if you want to hire them, you need to offer them more work, like 30 or 50 designs a day.

But when you’re just getting started, you don’t want to start with a big number, right?

What if you could access my personal resources and get designs at a very low price? And where less than 5 designs a day is acceptable to the designer?

Introducing: Go Grab Design (GGD)

In short, GGD is your personal graphic designer.

You just need to assign it the work, and then wait for the ready-to-upload designs.

GGD will help you list more products regularly, which helps you get more consistent sales.

How does it work?

For the LHS project, we need at least two people, right? The product uploader and the graphic designer.

GGD will be the graphic designer on your team.

You just need to find another person to upload the products for you, or do it yourself.

All you or your worker has to do is insert the quotes in the GGD and click “SUBMIT”.

That’s it.

Our graphic designers will do the work and send the designs back to the system. You just need to wait 3-4 days (depending on the number of quotes) to get the designs.

You can use these designs on items such as coffee mugs, shot glasses. travel mugs, etc.

This will make your design costs much cheaper.

Consistency is the most important key to success in this LHS business. You need to list new products every single day.

I recommend that you hire one person to do this for you, so your LHS project will be 95% automated.

Selling To More Niches With Quotes Maker

The first mistake I made when I got started was to focus on just a few niches.

When I was in Don’s Mastermind in Bali, I’d been using the LHS model for 4 or 5 months.

Rachel, the creator of the LHS model, was there, too. So I showed her my Amazon account and asked her what I should do to get more sales.

Rachel checked the products in my Amazon account and told me that I had products in only a few niches. She said I should do a few quotes in many niches.

For example, ONE quote for 500 professions.

Like this:

Keep Calm, I’m an Engineer.
Keep Calm, I’m an Teacher.
Keep Calm, I’m an Nurse.
Keep Calm, I’m an Scientist.

and so on…

So I started doing what she advised, and my sales increased significantly.

I have gotten many sales in many niches. The top-selling products in my account are the niches I overlooked when I was starting out.

(Sorry, I won’t tell you what those niches are :P)

For this reason, I asked my team to create Quotes Maker for GGD.

With Quotes Maker, you just need to insert a quote like “Keep Clam, I’m a [NICHE]”, and then select the category you want (like professions, dog breeds, cat breeds, etc.).

Then click “GENERATE”.


You’ll get hundreds of quotes for different niches within a few seconds.

You don’t need to go to Excel and do the complex things by yourself. Quotes Maker will make this job far easier.

Just click “Submit”, and my graphic designers will create the designs for you.

With GGD, you can upload more products regularly.

GGD can handle all graphic design work for you.

It’s the same thing I use to grow my LHS business. I have more than 60,000 products in my Amazon account:

Here is a ONE-day result from last year:

Not bad, right?

I didn’t spend much time on it – just one hour a week – because most of the work was done by my team. IMO, this is an awesome business model.

You can do the same. GGD will handle 50% of the work.

BUT… here’s the bad news.

We can’t let all of you use GGD, because our resources are limited. After all, all the designs are uniquely crafted by human designers, not by an automated program.

You can request an invite here.

(If the link below says “CLOSED”, it means that the GGD membership is now closed. My resources are limited, so I can’t accept everyone into the club.)

NOTE: If you don’t receive your enrolment email within 15 minutes (be sure to check your spam folder), shoot me a message.

See you inside,

—Bank “Shared Resources” K.

PS. Because the designs will be created by my graphic designers and not a robot, only a few people can use this system. So the system might be closed at any time.